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Jerkmate Review: The Ultimate Cam Girl Site for Masturbation?

When you gotta bust a nut, there’s no time to waste. You need a reliable jerk mate you can always turn to, knowing they’ll deliver. Could Jerkmate be your go-to jerk mate? Does it justify its name? Find out in our Jerkmate review.


I answer all of these questions in more detail in my quest to deliver all there is to know about Jerkmate. 


Head straight to Jerkmate here


With the hot cam models and games available on Jerk Mate, you might find yourself hooked before you know it.


Read on to find out more in this Jerkmate review. 

Jerkmate Review – My First Thoughts on


  • Enjoy free sex chat
  • Shows which models are online
  • Public, private, or exclusive shows
  • Cam-to-cam includes audio and video
  • Pay via PayPal or credit card


  • It can be pricey
  • You must enter payment info to sign up


  • Send messages, see show previews, and browse for free
  • $1 = 1 Gold (Jerkmate currency)
  • Private shows start at one gold per minute

Special Deals gives each new user three golds to get you started, which is a sweet deal not many adult cam site offer.


Besides that, you can sometimes find online coupons with up to 20% off on your purchases. 


>>>Check out Jerkmates best deals in a Nutshell

With the motto ‘never jerk alone,’ Jerkmate is a cam site that wants to give you a hand when you give yourself a hand if you know what I mean! 


What sets Jerkmates apart from other webcam sites is its high-quality cam models, sophisticated features, and ease of use.


You won’t need to scroll for long to find the girl(s), boy(s), or couples that you like. In fact, this site has so many different niches you can quite literally find whatever you want here. 


You’ll find categories for MILFs, trans models, BBW, Asian or ebony sweethearts, UK babes, blondes, young models, and even cosplay.


Well done Jerkmates!


What I liked the most was that you could watch the live shows and text the cam models for FREE on this webcam site. Each has their own gold list with things they’re willing to do for you and how much gold they want for it. 


If you choose to go private, be warned it can be expensive. 


But then, most webcam sites are. 

Overall Rating 4.8/5

Why 4.8? Well, five stars is for perfection, and there are some things in this Jerkmate review that kinda bummed me out. 


The price for private shows is one of them, and the fact you had to enter your payment info also threw me. If you are just after a public show and don’t want to pay, that’s a bit of a turn-off. 


The other issue I had was with the sign-up process on What issue, you may ask? Well, keep reading. This Jerkmate reviews going to lay it all out for you in the sign-up part.


Seriously, though, if these don’t sound too bad to you, you’re gonna love the site.


>>>Sign up to discover the amazing cam models on 

My In-Depth Jerkmate Review

What got me to try is the quality of content and cam models touted on Jerkmate reviews. That and Jerkmates promise that you don’t need to put in your credit card info to register for the free account.


Did I get what I came for?


Well, let me start with the latter, and let me just say this—that ain’t true, and it did annoy me. 


Turns out, you need your credit card or PayPal info even to sign up as a free account. I was gonna try the private shows anyway, so it wasn’t a major deal breaker for me, but I have to inform you guys. That’s what Jerkmate reviews do. 


It does put a bit of a dampener on this Jerkmate review, but I’m about to bring it back for you. 


The fact that you can use PayPal saved the site. Using this method of payment is secure, which will always be a winner in my eyes. If something does go wrong and money comes out of your account when it shouldn’t, you can dispute it and get the money back. 


I instantly felt relieved.


Right, now that’s out of the way, we can crack on with this Jerkmate review.

Signing Up

I popped my PayPal details in and figured that would be it. Unfortunately, the page crashed, and I got the ‘page not working’ sign. 


I didn’t let it put me off, though. I was determined to keep an open mind for this Jerkmate review. These things happen—perhaps Jerkmates tech team can work on ensuring the platform doesn’t crash. Not all folks share my level of perseverance, so it may put some people off. 


I’m glad I persevered. After deleting cookies and refreshing the page I was in.


The next part was quite easy and fast. As you can see from the photo, you just need to enter your email, set a nickname, and choose a password. Then you get redirected to a page that gives you the option to upgrade to a paid membership or continue as a basic member.

>>>Click here to go to Jerkmates signup page

Jerkmate Review: Finding Your Jerk Mate

Once you’re done with the signup process, you’ll be welcomed with pieces of booty and booby on your screen for you to pick your poison. And what a welcome that is!


But that’s not all.


Jerkmate has a personalized approach to camming (and cumming). Pun intended. What else would you expect from this Jerkmate review?


Jerkmates pride is in finding you the perfect partner for your self-play, and (according to most Jerkmate reviews, including this one) they deliver on that promise. 


Right off the bat, you’ll get a short questionnaire to fill out so they can find the ultimate cam model for you. 


If that seems too much hassle for you, there is a handy AI Bot that you can use to help you find your ideal cam girl. Just let “Jerky” know what you’re looking for, and he’ll bring up the cam girls that fit. That’s pretty smart.


I decided to go off the beaten path to see what was out there. 


An adventure of sorts.


I was instantly drawn by the huge number of niches to choose from on this cam site, but a cute girl from Ukraine caught my attention and distracted me from my mission. I hung out in her room for a while, and we talked a little about her life. 


This is the part where the fact I had entered my PayPal info came in handy. And thus, I forgave Jerk mate for that slight inconvenience.


She let me control her vibrator, and I had my moaning shot as I increased the intensity of the vibrations, and she moaned harder and harder. This I did so I could continue my Jerkmate reviews with a clear mind. 


Next, I went to play with the search options and see how they fared. 


>>The benefits of masturbation

Jerkmate Review: Available Search Categories

If you decide to search for cam models manually, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from and boxes to tick to make sure you get that perfect jerk mate of yours. 


As with most webcam cam sites, you can choose based on age and location.


You’ll also get to choose based on the preferred look of the model, like big tits, great ass, and even pierced nipples, or by niche. If blonde, Asian, BBW, BDSM, or ebony girls get you rocking, you’re also in for a real treat. 


You can find every type of person here. This Jerkmate review is pleased to say that Jerkmates rock at diversity!


You can also choose based on what you want to see the cam models do, like anal, deep throat, interactive vibrator, or double penetration.


Whatever way you swing it, there are lots of options on this webcam site—far more than on other adult cam sites. 


I was really thrilled with that, as you’ll read as we go through this Jerkmate review. 


I also visited the men’s page, trans pages, and the couples page. I’d like to say I did that for the ladies and bros that swing that way, but I was genuinely interested. Yes, I went there, and I ain’t afraid to say it.


These pages are where could improve, as there are slightly fewer search categories. But I guess they don’t have as many viewers looking for these performers. Not the end of the world, but watching hotties clearly still rocks. 

Jerkmate Review: The Cam Models

However you choose to find the models, you’ll be blown away by the selection. There are tens if not hundreds of thousands of models, and they’re freaking hot


I particularly liked HotBellaOfficial, Sophie_Ann, HottieJadeRoxx, and KatyaBond

The cam girls come from all over the world—U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. 


Most of them, save for the Asian girls, speak English pretty well, so you can chat with them before you start the dirty talk. I liked that. It felt more personal and real. Kinda like you’re in uni again, just getting to know a girl casually.


What do the cam models do?


Well, that depends on the model. 


This Jerkmate review can tell you that some will stay in their lingerie and do some light touching and playing while others go fully naked and smash online. Some will do whatever you ask them to do to please you, while others have strict rules.


It’s up to you and the cam models you choose to figure that part out. Just remember, though—they’re human beings, so don’t be a jerkmates jerk. Treat them with respect. Plus, that way, you’ll have higher chances of getting what you want.


>>>Check out Jerkmates hot cam models

Jerkmate Review: Public Live Cams

Now we’re talking! Public live shows are where the party starts and, sadly, where the party ends for basic, non-paying members. They (the free members) can also watch pre-recorded shows if they’ve missed the live-action, so there is that.


You’ll love the interface, thoughthe model’s screen is smacked all over the page, with the chat part on the right side. The entire page is free from annoying ads that you find on some other adult webcam sites.

Speaking of ads and annoying stuff—you won’t see pop-ups urging you to upgrade or pay all the time, either. The site definitely goes up in this Jerkmate reviews opinion.


People with free accounts can watch and text in the chat rooms. Cam models usually respond to messages unless their chat is super stuffed, which is a pretty good deal. One thing that this Jerkmate reviews really appreciates. Not every cam site does that. 


If you want to take your chat private, simply click on the eye icon. That way, only the model will see them, and not all the other guys and girls in the room.


Each model also has a ‘GOLD MENU,‘ as you can see in the picture. That’s the part where they’ll list their services, a.k.a., what they’ll do and for how much gold. 


Just be sure to mention to the model what you want when you pay because some acts come at the same price. No Jerkmates want to hand over gold for it to be wrongly interpreted.


Of course, you can just hit the ‘Give Gold’ button and tip the model you really like with however much gold you want if you’re feeling generous. 


Overall, the interaction in the free public rooms is pretty good. You can certainly get your rocks off without going private. You can even finish on another dude’s dime if you’re lucky. 


If you are feeling generous, you can treat the model and the other guys and gals in the room with your gold choices, but you certainly don’t have to.

Jerkmate Review: Private Rooms

Now, this is where things get heated on 


The private show option gives you privacy with the cam model. That’s your time to get her to yourself so she can get you to kingdom CUM.


Private shows are pricey, though. Prices range from $1 to $10 (and more!) per minute. Now let me get you in on a webcam-ing secret—choose models from poorer countries. They are far cheaper.


I am lucky in that way, as I have a thing for Eastern European girls. 


They charge way less than American girls or cam girls from Western Europe. American girls charge $10 a minute, whereas you can find cam models from poorer countries that charge $1 a minute. 


Just browse through the search categories and see for yourself. I guarantee you’ll find a jerk mate that you can afford to spend a fair bit of time with.


You can also choose to share your video and/or audio with cam models in a private show. 


I did, and it felt so real as my cam girl of choice looked at me with her fuck eye while I was telling her what to do. I came so hard that I even got some on my keyboard.


The bummer with private shows? 


They’re not entirely private. The cam models still get texts from other users while they’re in the room with you, so you may not have her undivided attention. 


The solution? Exclusive shows.

Jerkmate Review: Exclusive Shows

Exclusive shows are the way to get the cam models completely to yourself. No chat messages from other dudes—you’ll be given their full, undivided attention.


How much? will gouge you $10 for a minute. 


Do you want my Jerkmate reviews advice?


Private shows are all you really need if you pick the right girl or the right time. You just need to find one that will devote herself to you and your demands. I didn’t feel on the sidelines in my private show with Katya. 


There are also times of the day when you might find that you’re the only one chatting with them. Winner.

Jerkmate Review: Sex Games

Jerk mate also offers sex games: Role Play and Command and Obey. Talk about leveling up the game. This webcam cam site has thought of everything!


The Role Play game lets you play with girls roleplaying as just about anything—from hentai characters to school girls to housewives to gamers to doctors. There’s a model for every fetish on earth.


The other game is called Command and Obey, and, as its name suggests, it is the perfect choice for those into BDSM or domination. You get to choose what the performers do, and they WILL do what you say.

You can also choose famous porn stars like Adriana Chechik, Riley Reid, Eva Elfie, Nicole Kitt, and others. 


The best part? Playing on this webcam cam site is free!


Some acts, especially by famous pornstars, do require you to reach for your gold, though, but you can also play for free.

Jerkmate Review: Payment Options

You can pay for this webcam cam site with Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal.


>>>Head over to Jerkmates webcam cam site to start your adventures

Jerkmate Review: Other Experiences

Aside from your normal cam site porn, offers a few extras. You’ll find Jerkmates blog that you can peruse while you decide which live cams to watch. These can be a real treat. 


With topics like Jerkmates 10 most popular sex videos,” you’ll get an idea of which cam models are worth watching before you have to pay a dime. 


While it might not be for you, there’s also an official merch shop. That’s right; if you love, you can plaster it over your boxers or maybe buy yourself a Jerkmates pillow to hump. 


I didn’t go down that route, but I can see the appeal. 


>>Check out Jerkmates official merch

What Other Folks Say: Jerkmate Reviews Online

Clearly, I love Jerk mate, though I still hold some grudges over the signup process and having to put in my payment details. But what do other people have to say about it? Let’s check out some Jermate Reviews from other users.

As you can see from these Jerkmate reviews, most people like the website but begrudge it for its high prices. Hopefully, my tip on how to get the most from your jerk mate experience will help you, though (you’re welcome). 


Now you can enjoy the webcam cam site without breaking the bank.


>>>See more Jerkmate reviews

Jerkmate Reviews: How Does Jerkmate Compare?

Let’s see how fares when compared to other adult cam sites out there. These Jerkmate reviews are honest—they’re here to help you decide which webcam cam site is best for you. vs Chaturbate

Both are great cam sites, and both of these webcam sites offer private shows with some pretty hot cam models. Chaturbate is older than Jerkmate and more rigid when it comes to what the models do and how much they charge, though.


Chats on sites like Chaturbate are busier, so it may be harder for you to get noticed unless you pay for a private webcam show. That’s where Jerkmate has the upper hand. If you’re watching for free, you want to be able to chat with the cam girls. vs BongaCams

BongaCams is similar to Jerkmate. Its biggest draw is its huge range of American and European cam models. They may be amateur, but they’re good. 


Where the real difference comes is in BongaCams fixed price model. You pay the same price for all private shows, regardless of the model. It costs 60 tokens or around $3 per minute.


If you have a Jerkmate account, you’ll have to check out the price for each cam girl. Of course, this could come up trumps if you find an Eastern European model for $1 a minute, as I did. vs LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin is famous for its A-list cam models. Seriously, those cam girls are always made up and look like they just came off the catwalk. But private shows with them are way more expensive than private shows on Jerkmate. I know where my money is going.

FAQs About Jerk Mate 

Can I Use Jerkmate for Free?

Yeah, you can use Jerk mate for free. You can watch public shows and text cam models for free on this webcam cam site. Private shows are where the magic happens, though, but you do have to pay for that.


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Is Jerkmate Legit?

Yes. Jerk mate is a legit cam site. It’s got tens of thousands of cam models available for free live shows, private shows, and entertaining sex games. 


You do still have to be safe, though. When your webcam isn’t in use, secure it using these webcam tips.

Should I Get a Jerkmate Account?

You should definitely get a Jerk mate account to fully take advantage of what the site has to offer. Without signing up, you can only browse and watch for a while. A free account lets you watch public live shows, chat with models, and play sex games. 


>>>Head over to Jerk mate for some wild times

My Final Verdict on Jerkmate

So, what’s my final verdict on Jerk mate? I would recommend it, that’s for sure. I got what I came for, and this Jerkmate reviews hopefully showed you that. 


As I said, what drew me to Jerk mate was the attractive models, high-quality content, and the fact that you don’t have to put in any payment details. While I was let down on that final part and irritated by the signup process, I got everything else and then some.


Go to Jerkmate now


What surprised me was how chill everything was, including the interactions with models and how much you can get away with for free. A Czech girl with only a few viewers showed me her tits for free. Can you believe that?


Well, it happened. 


While there are plenty of other cam site out there, none of them quite come up to the standard that offers. In my eyes, it is definitely the ultimate cam girl site for masturbation. 


Do you need to be told anymore? Why not sign up and see for yourself? After all, signing up is free, so there is nothing to lose. 


>>>Sign up to for free 


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