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Best Backpage Alternatives Websites To Date, Buy, or Sell in 2023

Man, you could really do anything on the old Backpage. 


Looking for a romantic night out? Done. Want to sell your sofa? Also possible.


While the loss of Backpage hit us hard, the top 26 Backpage alternatives websites offer all of that and more.


What we want to say is, we’re not looking back.

We review the best Backpage alternatives here, to help you decide where to land.

First Look – Best Backpage Alternatives For Services Near Me

Best Backpage Alternatives Websites for Dating, Reviewed

1. Seeking – Best Backpage Alternative Overall


  • Luxurious dating
  • 100% free for women
  • Well established
  • Nearly everyone is super attractive
  • More women than men (rarity!)



  • Expensive
  • Not for selling stuff



  • 100% free for women
  • Premium 1 month – $109.99
  • Premium 3 months – $96.66 a month 
  • Diamond 1 month – $274.99 a month 


Brand Review

Seeking tops our list of Backpage alternatives websites, as it’s the best place to go if you’re into elite dating. It’s not a classifieds site but a hookup app where established men and some of the most beautiful women meet for unforgettable nights.


Luxury and reliability are the words that best describe Seeking’s brand.


That does come with a price, as men pay from $109.99 a month to be on this Backpage alternative! 


They don’t seem to mind the steep membership price, though—we think it has something to do with the fact that the site is full of gorgeous women!


Best Features

We love Seeking’s search options—and boy, are there plenty. Besides the usual stuff like age, location, ethnicity, and body type, you can also search by hair and eye color, height, habits (smoking, drinking), relationship status, lifestyle, education, and so much more.


You can also search for those who’ve favorited or viewed you, the recently active members, and ID and background verified ones.


The Vibe feature that lets you create short clips also isn’t bad.


>>>Check out Seeking, the best Backpage alternative


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2. Adult Friend Finder – Sites Like Backpage To Meet IRL


  • Millions of active users
  • Finding someone is easy and fast
  • Explicit 
  • Everyone’s looking for fun
  • Video chat options



  • The free version is pretty useless
  • Some fake profiles



  • 1 month – $39.95 
  • 3 months – $26.95 a month, $80.85 total
  • 12 months – $19.95 a month, $239.40 total


Brand Review

Nothing says easy hookups quite like Adult Friend Finder. Going strong ever since 1996, Adult Friend Finder is one of the sites like Backpage where everyone’s down and looking. 


And there are millions of folks on it.


There are some fake profiles, too, but you can use your common sense (and the video chat feature) to weed those out.


The only bummer with Adult Friend Finder is that its free version is pretty much useless—you can even send messages to folks. 


Best Features

Adult Friend Finder is not one of the Backpage like sites that work on the classifieds—instead, there are user profiles you search for or find on discussion forums. 


Discussion forums are actually the best way to find real, active folks.


And the live shows are on par with some of the best cam sites, and they’re free to watch!


>>>Check out Adult Friend Finder to find easy hookups 

3. Ashley Madison – Best Backpage Alternative for Secrecy


  • 100% free for women
  • Top-notch discretion
  • No ads
  • Fake profiles are ousted fast
  • Pay per action via credit card



  • More men than women
  • Can get expensive for men



  • 100% free for women
  • 100 credits – $59
  • 500 credits – $169
  • 1,000 credits – $289


Brand Review

Present on the adult dating scene for over 2 decades, Ashley Madison rose to prominence as an affairs site. With the motto ‘Life is short. Have an affair,’ they quickly became the talk of the town, and everyone was headed there to see what Ashley Madison was all about.


These days, it’s not just an affairs site but one of the sites like Backpage for the most discreet hookups.


Best Features

The discretion is what really sets Ashley Madison apart from other Backpage alternatives websites, and the features that deliver it are our favorite. 


The app disguise feature will let you disguise the app as something entirely different—you can choose how the app looks and what it says. You can also customize the notifications you get to stay something entirely different, like ‘1 new game available’ instead of ‘1 new message.’


Face-blurring features also rock so that other users aren’t able to identify you unless you want to.


>>>Visit Ashley Madison for discreet hookups 

Top Sites Like Backpage for Classifieds

4. Craigslist – Best Backpages Alternative for Classifieds Overall


  • Easiest to sell that old sofa
  • People still use it for meeting up
  • Mostly free
  • Good for hiring/job hunting
  • Apartment renting



  • Not all categories are free
  • You probably need to repost every couple of days



  • Most categories are free
  • Jobs in the US and CA – $10-75
  • Renting in Boston, Chicago, and NYC – $5
  • Commercial real estate – $5
  • Cars, trucks, RVs, and motorcycles – $5
  • Gigs and services – $3-10


Brand Review

A tried and tested way to sell pretty much anything, Craigslist is one of the best Backpage alternatives websites when it comes to classified ads. 


You can literally sell anything on Craigslist!


Or find pretty much anything, from apartments, jobs, vehicles, furniture, collectibles, and even hookups. 


Remember Craigslist Personals? That was a time to be alive. 


Some people still manage to find hookups on Craigslist, but it’s kinda hard these days. So, for that, we recommend the best Backpage alternatives websites for dating from above.


Best Features

The best thing about Craigslist is that it’s mostly free. You would have to pay for certain categories, like jobs, apartments, and vehicles, but even then, it would just be several dollars, making Craigslist among the cheapest ads sites.


It’s also THE most popular Backpage alternative for selling stuff with the highest number of visits and sales, so there’s that.


And the site is pretty easy to use—even the boomers, notorious for their bad tech skills, are on it, and that tells you all you need to know.


>>>Go to Craigslist, the best Backpage alternative for classifieds

5. Gumtree – Backpage Alternatives Websites for Selling Cars


  • 100% free classifieds 
  • Lots of traffic
  • Personal ads available
  • Options to promote your ad
  • You can link your site



  • Some scammers 
  • Time-consuming



  • Placing ads is 100% free
  • You can pay to boost your ad
  • You can pay to link your store


Brand Review

If you’re looking to sell that old clunker of yours or buy a replacement, there are no better Backpage like sites than Gumtree. Why? Because all ads, even the ads for vehicles, are 100% free, unlike Craigslist.


Also, tons of folks are selling and looking to buy used cars on Gumtree.


Like all free sites like Backpage, Gumtree has its share of scammers around, but that just comes with the territory. 


So does acting as a seller and spending time answering people’s questions even if they’re not planning on buying.


Best Features

One of our favorite Gumtree features that even Backpage didn’t have is that you can link your store to the site. You have to pay a bit for that, though, as well as for boosting your ad, but it’s totally worth it.


Another thing that qualifies Gumtree as one of the best Backpage alternatives websites is that you can post personal ads!


That’s right—just like you could on Backpage, and there’s a good personals community.


>>>Head over to Gumtree to sell your car, post personals, or find services near me

6. Kijiji – Best Sites Like Backpage for Canadians


  • The go-to classifieds in Canada
  • Huge amount of monthly visits
  • Detailed categories
  • Broad audience 



  • Only a Canadian thing
  • Your item can get ‘buried’ fast



  • Posting ads is free
  • You can pay to boost your ads
  • You can pay to prolong the 31 days


Brand Review

Canada, anyone? Kijiji is another one of the Backpage like sites from Canada. It’s where all the Canadians go to sell or buy used stuff and where you should go, too.


The only thing wrong with Kijiji is that it’s only for Canada and that your posts can get ‘buried’ due to so many folks posting theirs, as the app is very popular. And that you can’t post personals like you could on Backpage.


But, other than that, it’s a reputable site like Backpage where you can sell or buy pretty much anything. We love the new and improved interface as the old one was…well, old and rudimentary.


Best Features

You’re gonna love Kijiji’s search filters—the categories are so detailed. Take baby clothes, for example. They’re categorized by age (0-3 months, 3-6 months, and so on) as well as occasion (bathing, feeding, clothing).


And we absolutely love the fact that you can prolong your ad for an additional 31 days. You can also boost your posts for a small fee.


>>>Jump to Kijiji, one of the best sites like Backpage for Canada

7. Geebo – One of the Best Backpage Like Sites for Job Ads


  • Best place to find a job
  • Free for job seekers
  • Advertise anything else
  • Post personals



  • Only available in the US
  • Prices aren’t transparent



  • Most ads are free
  • Job posts are $75 a piece
  • Other prices aren’t transparent


Brand Review

If you went to Backpage for job listings, Geebo is the Backpages alternative for you. Not that there aren’t other types of ads (there are), but most folks over there are looking for jobs. And employers took notice, so there are plenty of job postings.


Employers have to pay to post a job offer, though.


The price for a job listing is $75, but prices aren’t that transparent in general—this is our biggest grievance with Geebo. Most ads are free, though, so there’s that.


Best Features

We like how the Geebo administration, aware of scammers that plague the world of free ads, has taken a firm stance against them. They offer protection and are actively on the lookout for suspicious profiles.


Then they oust them—snap!


There are also useful tips on how to spot scammers and advice on the do’s and don’ts of online advertising. Props to them—they even beat Backpage on this.


>>>Visit Geebo to find a job or services near me

8. Bedpage – Backpage 2.0 For Adults


  • Looks and feels like Backpage
  • All sorts of classifieds 
  • Neatly organized categories
  • Good for hooking up



  • Not free
  • Not really for folks in rural areas
  • Spammy and NA posts



  • $2 minimum price for an ad
  • $1 to boost your ad per day
  • $15 for a premium ad


Brand Review

Bedpage is Backpage reincarnated—even their interfaces look alike! And it sure feels like Backpage with all the adult offerings going on.


However, posting on Bedpage is NOT free.


It’s cheap, though, so the ad will set you back $2. $3 if you want to boost it and make sure all eyes are on it. 


If you are looking for ads, you don’t even need to register, which makes it all easier and faster. The only bummer is that there are some spammy posts, so watch out for those.


Best Features

The best thing about Bedpage is that there are verified profiles. You didn’t have that on Backpage, did you? This is a good way to avoid catfishes and just have peace of mind.


We also like how its interface is pretty self-explanatory and neatly organized, so you won’t waste much time before you find exactly what you’re looking for.


>>>Move to Bedpage to find services near me

9. Hoobly – Best Backpage Alternative for Pet Adoptions


  • 100% free to use
  • Excellent SaaS security measures
  • Best for finding pets
  • Good for dates and jobs, too
  • Fewer scammers



  • Lots of ads
  • Rudimentary website design
  • Poor search engine



  • 100% free


Brand Review

Hoobly is the Backpages alternative known for two things: its extensive array of pet options and the fact that it’s 100% free. So, if you’re shopping for a new furry family member—you know where to go.


The bummer with the fact that it’s free is that there are tons of ads, but we didn’t mind, and we think you won’t either.


But pets aren’t the only thing you can find on Hoobly. You can also buy and sell all other stuff you would on Backpage and even find jobs and apartments.


Best Features

One thing Hoobly is always praised for is its high SaaS security measures, and we give them props for that, too. You don’t need to worry about your data when selling or buying stuff on Hoobly.  


The other thing is the sheer amounts of different kinds of dog breeds available—whatever you’re looking for, you’ll want it here.


And free of charge!


>>>Get to Hoobly, the world’s best Backpages alternative for adopting pets

10. Yes Backpage – International Backpages Alternative


  • OG Backpage alternative
  • Post ads for free
  • Huge user bases in the US, UK, and Australia
  • Personal ads



  • Not for committed relationships
  • Not very searchable



  • 100% free


Brand Review

If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter copy of the original Backpage, Yes Backpage is for you—even the name says it! And, much like Backpage, it’s not really searchable and it’s full of ads. They really wanted to make a cookie-cutter copy, huh?


Yes, you can post personals there and find adult services


But Yes Backpage isn’t all about hooking up, much like Backpage didn’t use to be. You can still sell your old sofa, buy a used credenza there, find a job, or anything else.


Best Features

The best thing about Yes Backpage is that you may even find the same women from Backpage on Yes Backpage—they were also looking to migrate somewhere when Backpage got shut.


Yes Backpage is also 100% free!


And it’s worldwide, with huge followings in the US, UK, and Australia.


>>>Jump to Yes Backpage, the cookie cutter Backpages alternative

11. PennySaver – Online Garage Sale Backpage Alternatives Websites


  • Free ads
  • Good search filter 
  • A bargains section
  • You get exposure on their affiliate sites
  • There are personals



  • Only USA and Canada
  • A bit harder to find hookups



  • Posting ads is free
  • Promoting ads costs $20


Brand Review

PennySaver is your garage sale type of Backpage alternatives websites—you can find or sell all sorts of stuff and oddities there.


It’s also the place to go if you’re looking to post a personal ad or hook up, but that is a bit harder to do on PennySaver compared with other Backpage alternatives websites.


Best Features

What we love most about PennySaver is its bargains section. You know those folks that keep bragging about finding impossibly good deals? Well, you can be one of them with a little help from PennySaver.


And when you sell stuff, your ads can get exposure on Penny Saver’s affiliate sites, too, which is pretty neat.


>>>Jump to PennySaver for good bargains and adult services near me

12. Want Ad Digest – Backpages Alternative for Used Cars


  • Lots of used cars
  • Any vehicle you can think of
  • Pets section
  • Good search engine
  • Personals 



  • Lots of ads
  • Poor website design



  • Post an ad for free, with 10% commission
  • Package deals for ads
  • $15 – 15 days, 5 photos
  • $25 – 30 days, 8 photos, 1 video, 1 bump up
  • $45 – 45 days, 10 photos, 2 videos, highlighted, 3 bump ups


Brand Review

Want Ad Digest is one of the best sites like Backpage to visit if you’re shopping for a used car. Or any type of vehicle, for that matter, as there’s anything you can think of. Good selection of tools and equipment, too!


What we don’t like about Want Ad Digest are the ads, of course. And we feel like they can at least tone them down, considering people pay to post ads.


Best Features

Want Ad Digest is not one of the free Backpage like sites, but we like the fact that you can post the ad for free and then give WAD a 10% commission. And they cap their commission fee at $100, so that’s dope if you’re selling a car or something more expensive.


You can also use the site for hooking up, which is pretty dope.


>>>Visit Want Ad Digest to find a used car or adult services near you

13. Free Ads Time – Best Free Backpages Alternative


  • Posting ads is 100% free
  • Excellent search option
  • Long-standing and reputable
  • Very versatile



  • No personal ads
  • Dated website design



  • 100% free


Brand Review

Free Ads Time is a reliable Backpage alternative that’s been around for a while and has a dated website design to show for it. 


And posting ads is 100% free.


You can buy or sell pretty much anything here, from clothes to equipment to antiques to cars. But you won’t be able to post personals.


Best Features

FAT’s search engine is surprisingly outstanding compared to its interface design. It’s really helpful, considering their categories aren’t.


Shopping locally is effortless, as the site will offer states and cities for you to choose from.


>>>Head over to Free Ads Time for miscellaneous classifieds

Other Backpage Alternatives Websites To Date Online

14. Kasual (Formerly Yumi) – Random Dating Backpages Alternative


  • Free version is all you need
  • No tedious questionnaires 
  • Fast and easy to get started



  • Some fake profiles


Kasual is the Chatroulette of sites like Backpage. There are no lengthy profiles, nor is there a matchmaking algorithm—it’s like a wild ride, and you never know who you’re gonna get. And it’s free!


>>>Head over to Kasual, the best Backpage like site for random dates

15. Tinder – Everyone Uses This Popular Dating Platform


  • World’s largest casual dating site
  • (Almost) everyone’s on it
  • Free to use



  • Men complain about rejections


Do we really need to introduce Tinder? It’s the free, swipe-style app that’s charmed the world. It’s not a classifieds site like Backpage, but it’s a great alternative as it’s even more popular.


>>>Move to Tinder, the most popular Backpage alternative of them all

16. Plenty of Fish – Top Backpages Alternative for Video Chat


  • Free
  • Large and active community
  • Video chat



  • Lots of ads


POF is one of the sites like Backpage that’s available worldwide and very popular. You get to spruce up your profile as much as you like to up your chance. The virtual date option is amazing and makes up for the missing chat rooms.


>>>Go to Plenty of Fish and check out this Backpage alternative’s video features

17. HER – Queer Women’s Candy Shop


  • Free core features
  • Lots of LGBTQ+ members
  • Good for friendships, too



  • You can only chat with friends & matches


HER is the best Backpages alternative for queer women looking for the personals aspect of Backpage. It’s not a classifieds ads site but a hookup app that also works for friendships. And it’s free to use!


>>>Check out HER, one of the best Backpage alternatives for queer women

18. – Top Backpages Option for Alternative Interests


  • Centered around alternative interests
  • Free live shows
  • Free video chat



  • You have to pay to use


If you’re into BDSM, nothing will be a good Backpages alternative but The site’s made for BDSM lovers and is your ticket to your local BDSM community. There are also X-rated free live shows!


>>>Jump to, one of the best Backpage like sites for ALT lovers

19. Feeld – Inclusive Alternative To Backpage


  • LGBTQ+-friendly
  • Good for couples
  • Free accounts can message



  • No Desktop version


Feeld is one of the best sites like Backpage for LGBTQ+ folks and people of all genders. There are over 20 gender options, and that tells you how inclusive they are. It’s also good for adventurous couples—60% of their members are.


>>>Go to Feeld, one of the best sites like Backpage for LGBTQ+ folks

20. Hinge – Good for Real Relationships


  • Free messages between matches
  • Video verification
  • Prompts



  • More for serious relationships 


Hinge is one of Backpage alternatives websites that’s fast gaining popularity among millennials and gen Z. Folks mostly use it for relationships, but there are some just looking for a one-night stand, too.


>>>Go to Hinge, the best Backpage alternative for millennials and gen Z

21. Zoosk – Rising Star among Back Page Replacements


  • Equal male-to-female ratio
  • For hookups and relationships
  • Good algorithm 



  • Free accounts can’t message


Zoosk is the app everyone’s flocking to lately as it’s great for both hookups and relationships. It has an excellent algorithm that will fix you up with matches based on your preferences and past behavior.


>>>Head over to Zoosk, the one-size-fits-all Backpage like site

22. SilverSingles – Dating in Your 50s Like Back Page


  • For folks over 50
  • Personality test
  • You get daily matches



  • Limited free account


If you’re over the age of 50 and focus on dating within your age, SilverSingles is one of the best Backpage alternatives websites for you. All you need to do is fill out the personality test, and the site will send you daily matches based on that.


>>>Jump to SilverSingles, on the best Backpage alternatives websites for folks over 50

23. Bumble – Top Replacement Where Women Rule


  • Free version is good enough
  • Women initiate contact
  • Good for friendships and networking



  • Matches are lost if there’s no contact within 24h


Women looking for best Backpage alternatives will love Bumble as it gives them control over who sends them messages. Only women can start conversations. There are also Bumble BIZZ and Bumble BFFs.


>>>Discover Bumble, a Backpage like site where women rule

24. FetLife – Back Page Alternative for Adventurous People


  • All sorts of kinks
  • Free messages
  • Affordable subscriptions



  • More men than women


If you liked the freedom you had on Backpage, and you want a Backpage like site where you can be yourself and embrace your kinks, FetLife’s for you. You can easily find someone into what you’re into, and messaging is free.


>>>Check out Fetlife, the best Backpage alternative for kinksters

25. BeNaughty – Dating Site for Adult Fun


  • 100% free for women
  • Open-minded 
  • Message more people at once



  • Lots of ads on the free version


BeNaughtly is a mecca for couples looking for unicorns and an overall open-minded community to all sorts of kinks. You can message more people at the same time with the Flirtcast feature. AND it’s 100% free for women!


>>>Go to BeNaugthy, the one of the best Backpage like sites for couples

26. Reddit Swingers R4R  – 100% Free Site No Signup


  • 100% free
  • Few rules
  • Lots of users



  • Scammers


Reddit Swingers R4R is one of the best free Backpage alternatives websites. It works kinda like Backpage, as in people post their personals and state what they’re looking for. And not everyone’s looking to swing—there’s something for everyone!


>>>Go to Reddit, the best free Backpage alternatives websites

Back Page Alternative Sites FAQs

Why Was Backpage Shut Down?

Backpage was shut down in 2018 due to allegations it facilitated prostitution and human trafficking.


It was also commonly being used to hire escorts, which was not great for its public image. You should use the best escort sites if that’s what you’re looking for.


The Texas Attorney General Website has more information about Backpage Shutting Down.

What’s the Best Alternative to Backpage for Dating?

The best alternatives to Backpage for dating are Seeking, AdultFriendFinder, and Ashley Madison.

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Can I Use Backpage Alternatives for Free?

You can use some Backpage alternatives for free. The sites you can use for free are AdultFriendFinder, Ashley Madison, Kjiji, and Reddit Personals R4R.

Can I Use Backpage Replacement Sites as an Alternative to Craigslist Personals?

You can use Backpage replacement sites as an alternative to Craigslist personals. The best Backpage replacement sites for that purpose are Kijiji, Gumtree, Geebo, Hoobly, and PennySaver.

Why Do People Love to Use Backpage Alternatives?

People love to use Backpage alternatives websites to sell stuff via classified ads and hook up.

Best Backpages Websites To Use – In Conclusion

The great news about the closure of Backpage is this: you can still do everything you could on Backpage and more on the best Backpage alternatives websites instead.


We’ve shared 26 top Backpage alternatives here, and there’s something for everyone.


To keep it brief—use Seeking, AdultFriendFinder, and Ashley Madison for meetups IRL, and Gumtree, Kijiji, and Geebo for classifieds.


If you use our awards as pointers, you’ll be so happy you’ve found the right Backpage alternative for you that you’ll forget Backpage even existed.


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